UDSM Open up on Reports – DARUSO President has failed EXAMS

Erasmi Leon Former Daruso President

University of Dar es Salaam Management have for now remained tight lipped about whether the current students’ president might graduate attaining to reports that former president ERASMI LEON has been discontinued due to failing his exams. Reports started circulating recently across social media that the president had failed his exams and was to be discontinued with doubts as we await the final say and decision by the Board.


Prof. Allen Mushi

Speaking to Mwanahalisi Online, Professor Allen Mushi, the director in charge of Undergraduate students said that the results released this September were the provisional results and that the final results shall be released this October.

Results that have been released by the college are provisional results, and if the results show that he has failed, these are not the final results. The senate shall seat on October 6th and the final decision shall be made.

About reports that The Administration of university plans to change the results is false and should be disregarded. The senate shall have the final say on students results.

Erasmi Leon Former Daruso President

On Erasmi Leon’s side he has stated that he will discuss this issue at length when the final decision has been made by the Senate. It is not right to pronounce one guilty unless one has been found in guilt.

This has been an ongoing matter for a while in many social media channels with many UDSM students saddened by these reports.

One student leader said with regret that the President of the students body oughts to be an image and lead by example. It also reminds us leaders that being voted in, doesnt mean we stop our reading and focus on other priorities. Studies should remain our number one priority.

The lane shall keep you updated on this matter as it unfolds.

source:Mwanahalisi Online