Universities Shocked with TCU’s Declaration of Unqualified Students

DAYS after the Commission for Universities in the country (TCU) announcing the names of students of more than 8,436 higher education unqualified to continue at the same level of education, some of the heads of universities  vehemently disagree upon the commission to say, that the commission is not the only body that vetted these students; saying it only coordinated the exercise.

Information from the Commission released on February 20 this year and placed on its website, said the names are from the 52 colleges that criticism of his students has been completed and that the students are required to prove their credentials ahead of 28 February, 2017.

According to the announcement, students who do not do so will not be recognized by the commission and therefore lack the qualities of campus students.

College of  Business Education

Head of the College of Business (CBE), Professor Emmanuel Mjema, said they received information from TCU that vetting should be done for the verification of their students and two months ago they prepared these reports and submited them.

He said he was surprised to see the number of students being told that the 476 did not have University reputation, which he said is surprising.

He said it is wrong to say these students do not qualify when they meet the criteria, saying that the situation cast doubt.

“We are already seeing the information I sent my deputy here and he has already seen Professor Mageni of TCU and they have all the data and  they are the same body that brought students’ enrollment; we have never done and this is not true.

” You have brought students here and how come  you say you do not recognize. I think they are wrong and should review their things clearly, ” said Professor Mjema.

He said the last two months which they have no problems in the student names they have mentioned while questioning and surprised; I do not know how this has happened.

University of Dar es Salaam
Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) Academic, Prof. Frolence Luoga, said his university has no problem with that provided education to the level of quality required.

He said they were certified by TCU and their students have been admitted and confirmed with examining, it is a shock TCU have with such a statement.

“Verification took place now do not know what criteria have been used I do not know but we still have to work on this issue very seriously, ” he said.

He said but there are students who were admitted also using the  previous system of admission  and was not through TCU and before they begin enrollment of joint applicants were arriving in the college directly coming from Form Six and other scholars directly to join.

He said other students also took to the scholars had to use a special program that existed more than 40 years ago.

He also said there were foreign applicants arrived at the college were given special training for a period of one year and joined the college as well.

St Augustine University Tanzania
Vice Chancellor of  St. Augustine (Saut) Dk. Father Thadeus Mukamwa, felt betrayed upon the 1046 students mentioned in his college and has said it is a great injustice and destroying each others’ features of colleges.

He said TCU has its rules and declare before the students were asked to specify their fault that they have to be all admission has been made by themselves.

He said they had the procedure even before their names were not approved and TCU are meeting all the heads of all colleges in the country, Dar es Salaam, they had gathered together and talk to look at the history of their respective universities And then enroll students.

He said he received from TCU and tell them that the criteria for these students is questionable to claim that the number of these students show tracing others were from abroad.

“But even if they were from abroad, they were reviewed and many were doing different trainings; one year diploma, certificate and were allowed to present what has materialised today, ” he said.

He said he is shocked that TCU is engaged in the process and even yet receive 50,000 shillings from the students for eligibility.

“Now I know the money they were receiving was corruption or not and if they were to pass the students bribed why they received the money,” he said. He said no other students have already completed if there are problems they say they should be revised but not to tell them that they have no parameters.

“TCU collects data and are currently unable to review their results; not only  damaging the credibility of institutions, to blame, damaging a student, money lending as well,” he said.

He said the university does not provide even a single day loans are the loans which they board after seeing deserve decided to give these loans do not qualify today say they do not see that they are destroying the reputation of colleges and confuse students regardless and they are human beings too.

Referring to the statements of the heads of those institutions, TCU Information Officer, Edward Kaku, said there was no place that says that students do not qualify, but the announcement said that the verification process is completed.

“No where has i been said students do not qualify, says our AD verification process has been completed and there are students who have been admitted in programs that do not qualify them, ” he said.

He said the list was presented to all relevant institutions and that what remains now is that it will feel to go to their colleges’ deans of respective universities for verification.

The official said TCU operates verification, but colleges vet and admit these students.