Valentine’s Day: Expectations VS Reality!

It is that time of the year when Campus gets all cosy and romantic, for those still doing papers, all the best at least yo wont encounter the nightmare of being single on this day. If you are single, then you are safe. BUT, if you are in a relationship, there are two things involved; 1. REALITY and 2. EXPECTATIONS!!

Every year, you have built up Valentine’s Day in your head like it’s going to be this beyond romantic day filled with moments that could literally be their own movie. And then every year, you’re sorely disappointed. And yet, no matter how many times you’re bitterly underwhelmed by the reality of Valentine’s Day, you still think this year is going to be the year.


Expectation: Your crush will finally work up the courage to tell you how much he likes you by sending you one of those cute V-day carnations during class.

Reality: Your crush gives a carnation to someone else. *tear*

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Expectation: You and all your besties will have the most epic Valentine’s Day ever. You’ll spend the night together baking, having a dance party in your room, and watching romantic movies starring all your celeb crushes.

Reality: You’re the only single one in your friend group who doesn’t have a date, so you’re stuck alone at home while your parents have a romantic dinner for themselves. Ewww.

Expectation: You and your bae will dine on gourmet food and chocolates at a fancy restaurant as you laugh about the quirky way you met and fell in love.

Reality:  You will dine alone on high-end cheese doodles and M&Ms while chilling in your bed watching The Notebook on Netflix and pretending you’re Allie, and your love is out there somewhere writing you letters that your mother is hiding from you for your own good.

Expectations: You will order the spaghetti and meatballs and eat it like the flawless, adorable angel you are. You’ll even offer to share with bae, like a scene out of Lady in Lady and the Tramp.

Reality: You attempt to eat the spaghetti and meatballs as flawlessly as you can, but it’s just so good, you lose all chill.  You end up getting pasta sauce all over your new dress and everywhere else, for that matter.

Expectation: You and your date will have a super romantic first kiss that’s epic proportions of passion will only be boosted by one of the following romantic movie cliches: rain, snow, or onlookers clapping for you.

Reality: Your first kiss is maaaaad awkward.

Expectation: You’re going to dress up in a flirty outfit for your romantic date, and bae is going to dress up to the nines too.

Reality: You both decide the effort to get all dressed up and go on a fancy date is so expensive. Why not just order some pizza, cuddle up on the couch in your sweats, and watch a movie (of your choice, obviously)? You’ll go on a fancy date for the next big occasion that comes along.

Expectations: Your date will give you something really meaningful as a gift — something that says “I’ve been dating this girl for 6 months and I know her inside and out.” Like tickets to that Runtown “Mad over you” concert you’ve been obsessing over for the past two months.

Reality: Your date totally didn’t get the message and gets you chocolates.

Expectation: The reason your date hasn’t asked you what you want to do for Valentine’s day is because he’s planning a romantic-beyond-your-wildest-dreams date.

Reality: Your date asks you the day-of what you want to do for Valentine’s day, or worse, completely forgets about it altogether. That’s love.