Varsity Students Advised to Acquire Financial Management Skills

courtesy of UDSM

HIGHER learning students have been advised to acquire needed basic life skill trainings so that they can face various challenges while at universities and after they graduate.

Green Hope Foundation Basic Life Skills Facilitator, Mr Manjale Makongoro gave the advice here when addressing the University of Dodoma students during a capacity building programme, which aimed at equipping students with the knowledge so that they can make right decisions.

The training, which was organised by Green Hope under facilitation of Vodacom Foundation is part of the ongoing training in which more than 3,000 students from three universities in the country are set to benefit from the capacity building on financial literacy, leadership and basic skills so that they can manage their lives after graduation. “

If they really want to accomplish their dreams, they must have basic life skills,” he said. He added: “They decided to organise such training after realising that there is a gap in terms of life skills especially after graduation as they are set for employment while there are a lot of opportunities which could be tapped but are left unattended.”

He said for a start, they will conduct the training at the University of Dodoma (UDOM), St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT-Mwanza) and the University of Dar es Salaam as pilot study before widening up to other institutions.

 “We have realised that there is a problem of financial management among higher learning students, thus a need to equip them with the needed knowledge which goes together with leadership and basic life skills so that they can make informed decision,” he said.

On his part, Dodoma Regional Vodacom Manager, Mr Balikulije Mchome said they have teamed up with Green Hope so that students can start saving through M-PESA and M-PAWA so that upon graduating they can start their own small scale or medium projects.

“They can only do so with proper spending and live up to their budgets while in colleges and at the same time do saving through mobile banking,” said Mchome. UDOM Students’ President, Mr Francisco Nzalila said the training has come at an ideal time as the financial literacy is of paramount importance especially on the management of funds from their parents as well as from the Higher Education Students’ Loans Board.

– Daily News