Victoria Mndeme TZA: getting to know the vibrant persona

At such a tender age she manages to rub shoulders with the great Millard Ayo, I wonder how she does that. Just joining her second year at the Hill, University of Dar es Salaam, Victoria TZA as her media acronym suggests is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television studies at Mlimani. Getting to know her fun side and experience with was the zist of the 1 on 1.

Who is Victoria? Vicky! Break it down in five words.

A God fearing, focused, blessed and talented shrewd is all I can say about VickyTZA. (giggles)

Oh really! What’s Victoria’s fun side?

A laughter person, laughing is my thing. Sorts of a comedian at times, craziness is at the core too, I can do stuff that can blow your mind.


What are you involved in currently?

I am a student at UDSM pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television studies and working at

Tell us the secret behind your media success.

Well my secret is PRAYER and hardwork these two things work like a charm, two sides of a coin together success is guaranteed.

Hehe! Ofcourse! Why not! Tell us a little about your love life, quite sure stalkers are many.

Hahaha! Seriously! Anyway yah I do get plenty of them, because of not only what I do but also being a girl, I can say I am used to it and its fun sometimes knowing people acknowledge you.


Hehe now that we know stalkers aint a problem, are you seeing someone?

Umhh! You really are crazy hahahaha…. I can say for now NO! but in a process.. hehe



Hehe! You all heard, she is still single but… anyway tell us how you got to meet Millard Ayo. How does it feel working for him?

Well precisely, its just being involved with many people, socialising, respecting people and that definitely earned me a ticket to Well, I am quite honoured to work with him, he is not only a boss but also a brother. He is an inspiration to many of us.

Any advice to the youth out there? img-20160819-wa0010.jpg

Only two tips HARDWORK and PRAYER, is all I can share with you in your venture to success.

Get to know more about Victoria TZA on the social media platform, follow her on Instagram @ms_vee255, Victoria Michael on Facebook, @vee_255 on twitter, Dorovici on snapchat… Uhmm about her dials… heheh just dm campuslane on Instagram, facebook and twitter.