Wazalendo Club spends Christmas with Orphans at Makulu

Today marking the Nguvu Ya Mwanamke Day in Dodoma through their event called LETS GIVE THEM CHRISTMAS, Wazalendo Club has offered CHRISTMAS’s Great Day gift by providing various classroom items, hygiene tools, and having lunch with various children of the existing orphanage in Makulu, Dodoma.

Speaking while giving support to the Chairman of the Dodoma region, requested a number of institutions and communities to remember orphans and vulnerable children especially during this great day of life, as they would like to enjoy together.

He said the role of caring for orphans and other vulnerable people is not only a function of volunteers or governments but everyone in the community has the potential.
Nguvu Ya Mwanamke in a unique relationship accompanied Wazalendo Club Tanzania and the secretary general had this to say as a gift to all the patriarchs.

We as patriarchs, sincerely express our gratitude to our sisters for the specific steps they will make to reach the community when it comes to need. We will learn a co-operation and a passion for trying things that are positive in our society.


The Wazalendo Club Tanzania will continue to remember the needy groups each opportunity, since it is one of their responsibility to restore a small part of the community to help anywhere, since they are part of the community.

“On behalf of Mrs Nyange Mzalendo and all the patriarchs “wazalendo” I want to call on all Tanzanians that it is the responsibility of every Patriarch to be part of the help of those in need.

On the other hand, the Head of Child Care Center, thanked the LL members for this heartfelt commitment to remembering children in the center especially during this great day of life and who wish to be happy as other children.

He said they are very pleased when they see different communities and institutions participating in helping orphans and other vulnerable people because the sign is to show everyone responsible for the issue that is a major challenge in the country.

Mwinyi Halid – Secretary-General
Wazalendo Club Tanzania