WCW! Irene Musobi, a Midas touch of beauty

A glaring spotlight that glows even in the dawn of sunlight, a gifted touch of Midas with sheer kindness and beauty fits the description of this week’s Woman Crush, Irene Musobi.

A student at University of Dar es salaam taking on Public Relations and Advertising in her third year at the campus, she has a liking  for swimming, Music, Movies, Sleeping and chilling with friends.

She is also quite pessimistic about gossiping, crowded areas 😂 and being the centre of attention

In retrospection she is just a loving, Caring, Humble and a lady with brains full of wisdom. 

catch her on Instagram @_yes_ambeautiful_ Snapchat @eyerwynie and Facebook @Eye Rwynie Msouwby 

Her advice to all campus students: They should put God first in everything they do, Workhard and Mind their own business.