WCW! Jaquline Sia , the Chinese Beauty

Jaquline Sia Jerome Kimath is pursuing a Bachelor Degree majoring in international trade and economy and is in her 3rd year at Hangzhou Zhejiang university of science and Technology China.

Sia is passionate about visiting new places ,learning new things and cooking scrumptuous meals. What a beautiful wife material she would make.

With an annoyance towards swearing , arguing , negative and toxic people and people who take advantage over other people, Sia cant completely withstand pessimism.

“I wish other people knew how perceptive and understanding I am of other peoples’ emotions and their situations in life and also I am the most insecure person on earth, and every little thing can break my heart into pieces.” says Jaquline.

Apart from studying well Jaquline is a makeup artist and photographer only dedicated to the nature. What a glance of artistic desire and crave nature has in her hands!

In 5 years’ time, Jaquline pictures herself as a beauty influencer and huda kattan (inspiration ) and also an entrepreneur

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