WCW! Joyce Richard UDSM’s Humble Beauty

With a passion for fashion, a trend setter in the wild and the looks of a humble Bambi, Joyce Richard is a darling many would adore to spend a little time with. Pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing at University of Dar es Salaam, Joyce is a joy to the many of her friends but a thorn in the heels of her haters.

In love with food, movies and music the skye belle reserves her heart for her guy. Yes she is taken sorry for the “team mafisi” looking to pounce on her after reading this. She hates idleness and hypocrisy.

She does fashion on the other side as a bread earner selling different girl stuff eg handbags and shoes with an aim to be one of the big Fashion Brands in years to come.

Catch up with Joyce on

Instagram @named_lui   @official_lui_designs

Snapchat @jayclui95