WCW! Linda Ngwale, the Lady Turning Necks in Kenya University


East or West, home is still the best, a mind boggling thought that keeps echoing in the mind of Linda George Ngwale, a Tanzanian student at Catholic University of East Africa.

Linda; a down to earth, prayerful and charming lady shared with us some insights about studying in Kenya. Linda has majored in Political Science and Sociology part-time.

Endowed with beauty and the looks, Linda has an epic fashion style. Basically, I like my fashion catchy and want to leave an awe mesmerised sound across the path I tread,’ says Linda.

With an interest of meeting new faces; especially outgoing, with a sense of humour too. Linda loves going different places trying out mostly new eating places. I am a foodie type, chilling with friends, going to the beach and a fun loving person generally. Hobbies include watching movies, swimming and also travelling.

A single word to the youth out there:

“Don’t lose yourself trying to impress others. Appreciate what you have even if its not everything you want.

Its okay to party and have fun but don’t make that your only reason for living. Don’t squander your education. Put God first in your life with im everything is possible.”

Catch Linda on Instagram @lindangwale and snapchat @beautysinneer