WCW! Meet IFM’s Fearlesss Meninah Mchomvu

Fearless, cute with a kind and giving heart, an aura of resilient beauty with a body that rhymes to Ed Sheeran’s Divide, Meninah is our woman crush of the day.

A student of Bachelor of Social Protections at the Institute of Finance Management, no words can poetically describe this resilient character.

An audacious and outspoken lady likes travelling, fun-loving with a soft spot for friends, the needy; orphans and homeless, Meninah carries out charitable works in her free time.

She does hate gossip and pessimistic drama queens. Catch her on Instagram @littleminner

Like what you do and makes you happy…probably one day you will do what you like. School isn’t an obstacle towards your goals,  its just a temporary path.” Meninah.