WCW! Miss IFM 2017 – The Beauteous Nelly Kazikazi

This beauty is a sight for sore eyes with a beautiful smile that will leave you in happy thoughts and a banging body that will captivate every bit of you. Nelly Kazikazi is a charming lady one would be blessed to spend a day with.

Blessed with a captivating aura, Nelly is pursuing accounting at the Institute of Finance Management. The beautiful and curvaceous bound with the accentual brains gives Nelly the edge no wonder she has the crown on her head.

Accounting is quite the hectic course as we all know, wonder how she juggles her hobby; Fashion designing while balancing those ledgers in class. With a fond heart of listening to the many, she truly is heaven sent. Nelly likes modelling, the runway; her backyard.

She enjoys reading, travelling, movies and sports a complete equation of a fine young lady with a mission to inspire her age bracket and the curve the future for younger generations.

Currently running her own small scale fashion design shop; Nelly is still active in the beauty pageantry vying for other crowns there are to win. Hopefully I see her winning Miss Tanzania one day. Nelly hates the pretense life and is a down to earth figure.

Nelly aspires to start her own project for the youth and vies to create a better future tomorrow. One word to the youth:

Live your own dream; run your own race at your own pace. No matter how hard life is, pick it up by the fold and keep moving. No one knows what lies ahead.

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