WCW! the flawless Sylvia Fredy

With an riveting smile, a charming face and a curvaceous bossom, meet December’s first WCW! Ms Sylvia Fredy Batamula.

Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Economics at Ardhi University, education is a priority but nevertheless her beauty strikes you more before unravelling her might with the brains.

Sylvia curtails a beauty, yet not so astounding pride within her soul as she spends her free time volunteering with Femina Hip and National Centre for Disability Assessment. Such a kind heart, the Lord shall always reward.

She likes spending time with friends, having fun, good music, cartoons (damn, girl!) but underneath it all, church is her number on priority destination.

Hates the loser and pessimistic type, being treated unfairly and hypocricy.

Her vision for the future is to be part of a big change in Economics trend in Tanzania. In the next five years I want to be in a place where young economists thrive. I will probably be in early stages of starting my own consulting firm.

Catch up with Sylvia on

Instagram @Sylvia_duckmullah

Twitter @Sduckmulla