WCW! the Gallant Milcah Justin

With a stride of a peacock, a beautiful looking lady walks past us that inadvertently catching our attention, without fear or despair I approach the beautiful lady Milcah Justin. A third year student at Ardhi University, Milcah is pursuing a Bachelor in Land Management and Valuation.


With the gallantry of a knight, Milcah approaches the day with vigor and responsibility ready for any hardships that come across her way.

She likes sleeping; least this solves the mystery behind the charming beauty face. Hates and shrugs off pessimism and “snitching”. Her other hobby is food and eating is quite a priority to keep her body in shape.


She is an entrepreneur dealing in all kinds of jewellery and hopes to be a land valuer, an outstanding entrepreneur and a mother in the near future.

Catch up with Milcah on

Instagram @millyjay_finest

Snapchat @milkajustin3