WCW! The petite Catherine Ngonyani

A lady; so beautiful with such a tender skin and ravishing smile, Catherine Stephens rocks it all the way.

A bootylicious sleek figure with the look that craves many gents attention, the lady is a fine piece of work from above.

Studying business management at PCTL in Posta, she is her foundation level; a fresher to say. Makes the lane wonder what freshers have in store for us this year.

Catherine likes making new friends, jiggle about life and appreciating what the earth serves on her plate. Eating is fundamental too?.

Hates the hypocritic people with a negative attitude; who cant mind their own business. Happily she is not taken so she is currently single ??.

Catherine wishes to be one of the most succesful entrepreneurs there has ever been in years to come.

Catch up with Catherine on

Instagram @c.u.d.d.l.e.s

Snapchat @ms_chick258