WCW! The Scorching Hot Regina Chilae from ISW

The camaraderie of beauty and booty, in summation Regina Chilae is a work-of-art. Leaving many a gents’ neck sore and stiff, rumour has it she is envied by the many ladies in her class. Gorgeous, slayer, madame, sexy all sorts of compliments seem to resound this cute lady. 

A third year student at Institute of Social Work pursuing a Bachelor degree in Human Resource management, Regina is truly exquisite.

One wonders how relaxed God was when creating her, I now adhere to the saying “Do not mess with a lady who knows her standards, values, worth and goals. Without doubt when you set your eyes on her you join the team,

She is tall, brown skinned, curvy, charming with a bright smile you won’t be disappointed; a true definition of an African babe. She has a sense of fashion that would leave you questioning if she had been in the fashion industry and for how long.

She is a bit talkative but strict when it comes to maintaining respect and her dignity, she likes partying, travelling and chilling. Come again! These pics are not enough! Fine, visit her social media 

Instagram @ mis_ghati 

Snapchat @ ms_ghati92