WCW! TUDARCO’s Fly Grace Kimako

What’s more intricating than having an optical nutrition on a rich and fine girl with alluring eyes.

Meet Grace Freddy Kimako, A third year in Tumaini University Dar es Salaam College whose welcoming ambience attracts many, hot guys in particular.

Her simply curvaceous slim body gets the blood rapidly visiting the brains. The Bachelor of Laws eye candy with a sexy array of chocolate skin makes her look like a Nubian queen.

Grace loves hanging out with friends, and oops! Yes she has a boyfriend; sorry guys. She loves hanging out with her guy mostly too. Grace also has a keen eye for shopping, and beauty make-up.

She hates dishonest friends and anything to associate with judgements, trust issues and the like. She is the ride or die kinda person though she hides this other side of Grace.

Aside being a student, Grace does practise law and learn more at a law firm during long holiday periods. I see myself being one of the most successful advocates in years to come.

Catchup with Grace

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