WCW! UDSM’s Ecstatic Shamim Baharia

With a knack for friendliness and happiness, a beauty hidden underneath a lab coat with a priority to keep her books in focus and lifestyle in balance, Shamim Baharia fits this elusive description pinpointing her as our WCW for thr start of a fresh month. 

In her 3rd year at UDSM offering a Bachelor of Science in MICROBIOLOGY, Shamim is a simple figurine with utmost skills for not every lady ventures into such a field.

I am not into modelling am just a person who likes having fun with friends ,chilling along side the beach, going on outings (anything that includes fun and happy moments with friends)

She admits that actually anything that keeps a beautiful memory with me; honesty, movies  (sci-fi ,intelligence stuff 😂😂:) makes her day though she does hate people who brag😂  and hates tasteless food😂

Catch her on Instagram @shamie_diamante  and snapchat @ mimuu26