WCW! Warda Nassoro, the Heart-warming Man-trap from ISW

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but it’s not so when it comes to miss Warda Nassoro. She has a beauty that does not wait for the beholder to notice. 

A third year student at the Institute of Social Work pursuing a Bachelor of Human Resource Management. Adept with a baby face with the looks like an angel, truth be told she has a captivating figure making her look; the perfect leaving behind sore necks wherever she cuts across. 

Warda is charming, kind, social and for sure she does not give even a slight chance for her youth to get wasted for nothing.

Warda has nice tastes when it comes to outfit, she has a principle of working hard but not over working herself as she says “work smart”she is quite an example.

Warda likes traveling making new friends, swimming and laughing, she is eversmilling one wonders if there is a time that she gets mad,words are not enough to describe how amazing she is. 

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