WCW! with the decent and classy Aisha Waziri

The diligence and class, is a notion out of a portion made with braininess and smart moves that ought not to be found lying across any University lane. A character that describes our WCW lady today, Aisha Waziri. A second year student of Commerce in Marketing at University of Dar-es Salaam, Aisha concurs with her description given the virtue of beauty and blessed curvaceous body the Lord granted her.

Not a lady of many words but lets her body language do the talk as she sashays across a crowd and leaves the once frowned faces jubilant and in awe. A lady who likes to spend time with her friends, minimal partying and having fun, she is just a natural.

with a hate of hypocrisy and pessimism, only the good hearted stand a chance in her path.

Simplicity is key where success ought to rein, she is into the make up business, herself, a make-up artist with Senoritah Glamour, as can be seen on instagram.

Funny though Aisha doesn’t believe in make-up. She says her fashion sense isn’t as complicated as it is supposed to be. (Whatever that means.)

“Well I am not so much into make-up, but when I do it I make sure it flows freely and it isn’t too much. I just apply a little corn starch to the skin before foundation.”


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