What every Campus Guy hates about their girlfriend

Love is a special thing, or at least that’s what you feel and think in the honeymoon stage of the relationship. This girl is hella pretty, exceptionally smart and rocks our world. This is up until the reality of falling for a campus girl kicks in. It’s hard to deal with the female species dudes, I feel for you. Now make it a stuck-up campus girl who thinks the world owes her, it’s a complete disaster for a roller coaster.

Allow me to get into your minds, the guys I mean,  your guy talks at the bar. I will attempt to generalise issues that make every campus guy dread being with his girlfriend. Here goes.

The high expectations

Now that I have a man, from now on my meals, airtime and pedicures are on you. Here comes this humble boy who approached you because he was smitten with your gaze but now he’s wallet is bleeding from your high expectations and demands. Every guy faces this, spending on someone else like you have never done for yourself. And it does get worse, when every date is code for “bring all your girlfriends to her.” It’s draining.

The skimpy outfits

This is a young girl, she’s experiencing things about herself and appreciating her femininity. So yes the short dresses will suffice now and again, she wants to make those boys in class go crazy with want and combust with lust. However she’s your girl, her voluptuous body is only for you to see, right? Ssebo you’re not her father, and your sure as hell not her husband. She will wear what she feels like wearing and that sucks.

The jealous fits

I can’t blame a girl, you think you’re the flyest babe in the room up until a rival walks in. Your insecurities are all over the place. So yes, seeing a girl with huge jags, a tiny waist and a humongous butt texting you will make me jealous. I don’t care if she was just asking for the exam timetable. Yes jealousy is unattractive so it must be annoying to always be walking on egg shells with your boo thing. But if she’s not jealous at all, you should be worried.

Social media pictures

You know what Instagram is for now days, to show that body and make all the girls want to be you and the boys want to wife you. From bikini swimsuits to short outfits, everything is displayed. I think the inappropriateness hits you when you hear another guy talk about your girl in a sensual manner. Probably even getting off to her latest Instagram pic in the confines of his room. You could ask her to take it down a notch but chances are it’s not happening. Her gram her body.

Her nosy friends

Yes a guy will involve his friends in his relationship but he will never let his friends speak to his girl on his behalf. Unless in instances of a break-up. This is the complete opposite with girls. When you’re dating a girl, you’re dating her entire pack of evil friends. They will keep talking in your girl’s ear, spreading ideas that in turn drain the relationship. You shall be a topic in their day-to-day talks and should you mess up, once you have a fight, her friends will come in to scold you on her behalf. WTF.

Too clingy 

The highest percentage of girls are like Sid, the sloth from Ice age when in relationships. If it’s up to them, they could clue themselves on to you. This is like one of the biggest turn-offs you will ever experience with your partner. It’s like you don’t have a life without me. You have to be able to hold your own as a person so as to set your priorities in life. This speech is like so irrelevant to some girls, she will be up in your room everyday making you food, cleaning up, changing your profile picture to her and insisting on going everywhere with you. This can inspire suicidal thoughts if your too cowardly to break her heart.

then comes…The future expectations

Girls are quick to ask for marriage goals these days. Girl, take a break, I mean come on, your guy did wait for your answer for months but now that he is your guy, you expect him to marry you off in ten years time.. Wait, a sec, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself, Time does fly are you sure he will date you for that long? or its a short time infatuation? Don’t heap pressure on the innocent fellow.

With all that said, the hate goes both ways. There are a million things campus girls hate about their boyfriends, a lot. Nonetheless, once you like a girl, you like her personality and all. These are just minor issues that she makes up for everyday by taking your breath away. Imma right? Or your just with her for chao. Either way, deal with her or do away with her.