Whitney Bocco: the beauty behind Vijana 101

Everyday she sits behind the cameras interviewing people. Well today you get to meet the beauty from within. Meet Whitney the lady behind Vijana101 that airs on TV1.

Ey ! Whitney, tell us a little about yourself.

Well am simply Whitney Richard Bocco, last born out of 4 kids. I was born on 20th April. I am madly in love with music,dancing and having fun in general. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting at University I joke alot and also love making new friends, partying, I hate fakes, promise breakers, liars, gossiping and things of such kind.


What does it feel like being before the camera projecting you to the whole nation?

Hahaha..Being before the camera is one of the moments  I enjoy the most.Its really fun but thats only if you have passion for it like I do. Though at times, I do laugh at myself because what I do is practically talking to the people who are invisible because at the time of shooting, its basically me and the cameras but I act as if am seeing the audience. Its a bit silly though but I know some people learn, get inspired and entertained as well.

What inspired you to get to the media/tv?

Honestly if I mentioned that I got inspired by an individual to get into the media, it would be a lie. But rather I remember as I was growing up, I loved talking during public events.I started doing it in the church at the age of 5 , I had the whole Psalms 23 crammed and I used to share it during my Sunday school classes. So basically thats where it all started.

What does it take to be in the media?

It takes confidence, courage, commitment and hardwork because media comes about with a lot of challenges.


Do they do your Wardrobe?

Hahaha..Sure I do my own wardrobe for all my shoots.

Quite a sense of fashion I’ll say. How is your normal day like?

My normal days are mostly spent with my friends at University of Dar es Salaam where am currently studying and with my family as well.

How often do you get stalkers?

Maybe i have. Its not easy to know.

Tell us about your love life( how often are you hit on by men and how do you handle it)

Awww its had to say how often statistically because most women dont focus much on that but its quite often. And about handling it, I just follow my simple stands and mostly use my heart and mind to decide while taking my dignity and reputation into account.


What is your program about? ( station and time can be included)

My program is about the youth.The trending dressing styles( fashion), hitting songs and their videos, movies on cinemas and a little chat with a successful and inspiring youth not forgetting mind teasers.The show is aired every Wednesdays at 4pm on TV1.

Apart from Vijana 101, what other stuff are you involved in?

I am part of the editorial team on Campuslane. A website on current issues across all universities in Tanzania and generally matters concerning the youth.