Why Campus ladies prefer dating Old Men to Campusers

Heard the statement if he aint working, he is not my type? Quite true; a certain Sarah* claims her friend finds it normal to date a 30 old guy. However, as time goes by, this trend has become more normalized to an extent the ‘why’ had to be investigated. Our campus guys are facing high competition from these men who drive big machines and blind their eyes with their expensive outfits.

Disclaimer; This articles is not about sponsors but generally the dating scene.

Could the problem be that the campus guys don’t know how to treat ladies or that everyone goes by the saying, ‘money runs the world’? Also, what if the older guy doesn’t have the money but the girl still sticks around? We are yet to find the ‘why’s below;

1. Financial security

This had to come first by no doubt. We all know that most campus guys are broke yet a girl needs someone who takes care of them. This necessarily doesn’t mean that the guy has to be giving her money. Most ladies in this generation have been able to understand themselves and this means that they won’t allow a man to take care of their basic needs. The girl will buy clothes for herself, do her hair and nails and shop for shoes.

However, a man’s finances come in when they need to go out or when she has certain financial needs that she can’t sought out on her own and which a campus guy can’t obviously make do. So basically what this means is that most campus ladies are futuristic; they wouldn’t want you for your money but the fact that you have money means that you have planned for your future.

2. Maturity

Most campus ladies feel that a majority of campus guys are immature. By this, they are too quick to date you just because you are pretty, leaving every aspect of you behind. This frustrates most ladies because all that the guy will be talking about is how pretty she is, like looks are everything. The campus guy will want to drag you to filthy parties and clubs every weekend, burning your throat with cheap liquor that was contributed by at least five of them. All he wants from you is sex and to have a ‘ good time’ which basically involves staying indoors all day, buried in some series you loathe.

For older guys, they are more mature and know how to treat a lady. This owes to the fact that most of the older guys are more experienced in the dating ground and in life in general. They know how to face arguments from a mature and more realistic perspective. They will ask you about your goals and how you plan on achieving them. They will advise you on what to do and give you help where you can.

3. Intentions are clear

campus lady and guy

When a campus lady starts dating an older guy, he makes his intentions clear because in most times, they don’t have time to joke around and play hide and seek. They will let you know what they think about you and what they want; be it a long term relationship or anything else. They do this, unlike most campus guys who will tell you ‘I thought we were just friends’ when you guys have been ‘dating’ for eight months. Also, the older guy will be keen on understanding your personality so as to know if you are more comfortable going to the club or going to the bookstore, or even staying indoors the whole night, buried in cartoons.

4. A change in the courting arena

A decade or so ago, most ladies were fascinated by the fact that a guy could provide everything for her. On those days, if a guy could drive a car and take her out, that was enough to wife her. In this generation, however, ladies want to date men they can look up to, men who know where a woman stands in a relationship and men who, however much they get to direct their ladies, wouldn’t mind being made better by the lady. These days, most campus ladies are fascinated by long drives, naturistic views and basically anything that can give them an escape from the normal world. Campus guys cannot provide this; neither can they be patient enough for this.

5. Father figure

Since a good number of children in our society are raised singlehandedly, most ladies raised by mothers only tend to crave a father’s love even when they grow older. By this, campus girls that have such a background tend to be more open to dating older men since they have the feeling that he will treat her like the princess she has always wanted to be.

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