Why Drug Abuse is Difficult to Curb in Campus

Starting life in campus produces some natural social anxiety for many students.The temptation to drink is strong because many University students overwhelmingly find that alcohol makes socializing easier and also because drinking is often socially acceptable, recognizing what a person drink can be difficult and tend to use other means that cannot be recognized.

Alcohol makes the vast majority of substance related problem, not all students immediately start drinking and doing drugs, but routine drinking to have more fun leads many students towards addiction.The high rate of drug abuse is usually attributed by

Congestion in hostels: Many students are congested in hostels because of hike in rental houses and majority can not afford to pay for the amount, this makes it easier to influence each other and engage in irresponsible behavior.University ought to build more hostels inside the varsity compound to ease inspection and thorough checking.

Many students also face high demand of course work and assignment thus tend to use drugs as a way to cope up. Many students who are surrounded by other people already used to drug abuse can easily convince their fellow colleagues to indulge in such behavior.

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