Why end of Campus means marriage for most Girls

There has always been a belief and pressure mounted onto girls if they get past a certain age before getting married. Over the years the girl child has had to conform to the dictates of the society about certain issues and it explains exactly why some girls rush into marriage immediately after campus. At this age everyone thinks you are ripe enough for this life time institution.

1. Slay queens

Girls that are very dependent and used to a hip kind of life while at campus usually want to go for marriage immediately after campus because they need to maintain and going back home would mean retransforming back to their “before” life. 

2. Introduction peer pressure

The last year of campus is one of the most difficult stages in the sense that, seeing your friends introducing their guys and posting beautiful pictures tagged “bae and boo” gets most girls desperately searching. This is when most of the hot babes say yes to the guys they iced while they started campus. Most make wrong decisions btw! Even when you think you moved on and had a little love, this is the time most of y’all take yourself back to guys to get some more.

3. Time is running out

You know campus is a little blinding. You think you have a lot of options at your display which in most cases is true but if you leave campus without a guy it becomes hard to get one out there and it would mean being single, which translates into no kfc, no airtime, no weekly mobile money messages, so most girls avoid this by utilizing their stay at campus to hook up a life partner so that after school, she will not  have to live a lonely struggling life, hence marriage soon after.

4. Security reasons 

Well for security reasons and blind to the better future ahead, many girls would rather go in for marriage. They feel by doing this, they are holding their men down and marking their territories. At least we all know a married man makes less to no advances on other girls than a non-married man. 

5. Stability

Usually when a guy has a stable job and he is able to provide the girl will find no reason to wait. However some are driven by the fear of being single and since you are done with school, there is no big reason keeping you away from your man’s life, preparations of give aways and the like get underway.