Why the Youth should be Venturing into Agriculture

Ever wondered why socialites like Masanja, media houses like Clouds Media are breathing life into Agriculture? Clouds Media is now running a campaign #FURSA 2017 with a motto #AnziaSokoni  literally meaning start from the market. 

Many of us out there actually know that Tanzania’s back bone is agriculture. Numbers show that there is over 80 percent of Tanzanians either directly or indirectly involved in farming.The youth on the other hand want “white collar” and so ignore the reality, agriculture is one of the finest ways to make it in life. These are some of the reasons you should venture in agriculture.

Unemployment in Tanzania is here to stay. There are no jobs. A first-class degree will not exactly guarantee you a place at the bank you wish to work in. They say that to get a job one needs know someone up in the ladder “technical know-who” but I tell you, there are many people who are hanging on to the same names for favors. So a job won’t be guaranteed for you. Agriculture on the other hand can be done by literally anybody, and you will consider yourself employed. And it is here to stay.

There is no need for years of experience to venture into agriculture unlike other jobs. You find employers asking for a minimum of 3 years before they can give you employment at their firms, then you ask yourself how the heck does he expect me to have the 3 years of experience when I have just graduated.

Government policies to do agriculture are favorable. The government’s “tax favorable idealogies” now “cutting off unnecessary taxes” is giving rise unto which to be dependent on agriculture. So the funds are there, seeds are around, you simply have to go through the necessary steps and you are on your way to being a farmer, and reaping big. 

Market for agricultural produce is very available. It is very easy to find market for agricultural produce because it’s on demand all year round.

Trends are changing, agriculture is now the thing. Perceptions of the youth from the testimonials in their communities have proven that there is a lot to reap from the harvest of agricultural produce. You will reap big. A kilo of bean seeds at TZS 2500 will get you many folds than what you planted. Plus you will not wait long to realise this, 3 months and you are harvesting your vegetables.

It is not expensive to deal in. The challenge is finding farm land, but once you have convinced your distant relative of your plans and needs, and they are convinced, you just have to get little money to invest in the plough, little to buy the seeds, to pay those who will weed and you are a rich man.

The trick is simple, get rid of the white collar mentality.White collar is fruitful if it is actually baring fruit. Agriculture on the other hand promises rewards as long as you take the time and devotion towards it.