Why your Campus Date isn’t texting for a 2nd date

Modernization has taken its stance on campus dating. It’s nolonger the usual meet me after class, catch you at hostel or let’s sit  together in campus gardens. The evolution of Dates is making the whole Love game an interesting one. Commonly termed as “Outings” by some, they bring out the best and real side of people as one of the ulterior motives. After this exposure, chances are that he might not call you in for a second chance date/trial if you have the following characteristics:- 

5. Food Monster;

Guys are labeled as food crushers but this assumption gets to be proven wrong when a hungry campus babe is taken out on a date. She eats 6 out of the 8 pizzas and that’s when you know she’ll eat you up when famine strikes(just incase the relationship bears a future which it never does). Who’d want to be with a Zombie who holds a piece piece in one hand as she pushes into her mouth another piece with the other hand. Some of you eat, get full and pack the leftovers for their roommates. 

4.Phone Addiction;

There is this type of babes who are addicted to phones that even on a 2 hour date, they won’t stop tapping their candy crash or WhatsApp and sometimes the MakeUp App. He has spared his money and time for God’s sake only for you to come and bow your head to the phone. Go date your phone then ??.

3. Tank Drinkers 

Yeah, you tossed the 1st Guinness bottle, 2nd, 3rd and 4th until he ran out of count. Did you know that you just scared the hell out of him?? I understand it’s free booze but being the 1st time, make a change of taste and make a rather light choice for you don’t have to take hard liquor to prove to him you’ll always fully utilize his money. 

2. Bossing around;

We admit you grew up from Jennifer’s city and understand all the table etiquette. Which hand holds the knife, where to put the napkin but that doesn’t make you a boss lady on the date. You don’t have to overcall the waiters to clean up everything little grain of rice that drops on the table, order them to pick up his fallen fork. You complained about how bad the buffet was when you can’t even fry a pair of eggs without getting them burnt???. All this is time wastage and turning the date into a supremacy showcase function. 

1. Fake kind of Jazz

He is trying to drive you to the point without beating around the bush but you are so busy narrating how you broke up with your EXz and those horrible love experience. You even cross the line and tell him how “All men are the same”? Who the fuck told you to try them all??

And did you know “All babes are the same too”?