You Must Do it Differently!

Let me tell you a short story, during my secondary school years, our teachers would send us to buy beef for them from one beef seller. Some things struck me during those years:

The man’s shop was far from our school.

There were many others selling beef along the way to his shop. He was not selling at either lower price or better than the rest.

Then my inquisitiveness got the better of me. I began to query why these teachers insisted on buying from this man with all odds same as other sellers.

But I got to realise he had one odd working for him better than others; he was educated. This level of enlightenment made him do his things differently, he was communicating maturely and refinely using English with elites, his education made his shop always neat, sparkling and his meat hygienic. He had attractive packaging. In short, he was different.

Many people are engaged in whatever you are engaged in, to stand out from the crowd, you must do it differently.

Are you a writer, speaker, auto mechanic, mason, trader, professional, student, fashion designer, cobbler, teacher, footballer, musician, manager to be reckoned with and continue to be sort after ? You must do it differently.