My Journey as a Young Entrepreneur

The world has potentially seven billion people in it;around two to estimated three billion are youth from around 15 to 40 and in around about 9 out of 10 live in developing countries;the question is how they shape the their socio-economic perspectives for development in their nations is to be put in hand for implemenatations and discussion.

Recently the United Nations through its organs such as the World bank,UNESCO and UNDP have been putting commemorated strengths to push youth forward in making the socio-economic perspectives being outreached in their nations and that is by the enactment of the 17 sustainable goals that each youth should at least be aware of and implement by the year 2030 so as to achieve a targeted level of the fair and outmost world.

Mlamba’s story begins as him being a cohesive and charismatic boy who understands what the world wants to be shaped and what he should do and learn to shape it;there are many organizations that are governmental and non governmental such as RALEIGH, VSO, AIESCEC, REDCROSS that are remarkably and astonishingly recognized and supported by UN in funding; advising and collaboration under scopes like UNDP and World bank;Mlamba’s scope of changes in vulnerabilities in the community so as to align with the SDG’s began when he joined AIESEC.

AIESEC being a non governmental organization under the united nations organ UNESCO offers students in higher learning institutions and colleges to exercise their leadership potential and mainly to workout on solving the development goals with their key attribute: Exchange programs; a product of offering internship either inside the country or outside, many youth out lavished this chance recently and am proud to be one amongst them.

My journey to Mozambique after being accepted to task in a microfinance project is the one that kickstarted me to have the agility of solving vulnerabilities inside communities thanks to the empowerment of AIESEC; Beira which is one of the fastest developing cities in the country had made me go to chain up my specific target of microfinancing;a sector that becomes more array as per the development of the African continent.

Downtown Beira there are villages such as Ceramica of which has localities such as Dondo particularly not being affluent in boosting their economic activities,saving and credit launches,business projections and outfits;it was my duty as a corporate finance student in collaboration with an Non governmental organization called ADEL-SOFALA to outlash these obstacles and make a new channel in their microfinancing perspectives.

Nothing comes easy but at the end of struggles there are always fruitful blessings to behold at; I had to research and learn on small scale association on microfinance behaviour;methodologies;bank and microfinance customization and hence implement me myself techniques that could be used to improve the microfinances.

Women are a large target when it comes to arraying the microfinance perspective and in Dondo they were lagging behind;so Adel-sofala and I had to conduct trainings on the basis of how they can save,build relationship with banks for credit;how they can offer their savings and other intermediaries for business projections;I enjoyed this field and it was fruitful as per week we could see women of Dondo saving upto 500 meticais; a lot from their background and the big picture they outlayed.

As i described that African Microfinance is as diverse as the continent itself. An array of approaches have been used, ranging from traditional group-based systems, to specialised lending by banks and funded by international non- governmental organisations (NGO) financial intermediaries.

Consequently, examples of African microfinance offer an array of lessons of what works and doesn’t work. Drawing from these lessons, my working on the perspective at Adel developed a Microfinance model based on four principles:Pooling together people’s resources,relying and building upon what people know (tradition),reinforcing microfinance to empower the African private sector,striving for efficiency, which include maintenance of tools and better working habits.

I hope to see Dondo and some skillset communities arise from this perspective and improve their welfare and hence making Africa subduedly a great continent in wealth and also in the basis of achieving the sustainable goals such as number 4 and 1 here.

Written by Mlamba John Alfred